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Winner will receive a custom pet portrait valued at $100.

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Nelly, Winnie & Izzy

Nothing says friendship quite like a selfie on the boardwalk! Winne, Nelly, and Izzy were all rescues. Sadly, Nelly the pittie has passed, but she loved everyone and was a great example of the loyalty of pitties. Winnie & Izzy were adopted together in 2019 and have been peas in a pod ever since. They love to paddle in the bay together and even chase the rats away!


Remember miracle kitty Bridget? Thrown off the Highlandview Bridge and rescued by kind souls who were fishing at the time, St Joseph Bay Humane Society spent endless hours seeing that Bridget received the best of care. Her family says, "We are so blessed to be Bridget's parents. She brings us so much laughter and love. We look at her and see a miracle." Bridget loves to play with the laser and any kind of string. She still walks with a limp but can run like crazy!

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Nellie Nicholls

Nellie Nicholls is a very special kitty being entered in our photo contest all the way from Maine! She has been a beloved member of her family for 17 years and has loads of confidence. She even once chased a neighbor's dog off her property, reducing all who witnessed the incident (including the carpenter) to laughter. She's an adventurous girl who enjoys her time by the beach and has even gone out on a kayak before. She's definitely "some cat" that would love to have your vote!


Gary is a gorgeous 7-year-old tabby/Siamese point mix who is special inside and out. Just look at that adorable tongue! He would love to help dogs recover from heartworm disease and win the chance to get his portrait painted.


What makes this shy girl extra special is how much she loves getting her hair cut. Every summer, she gets a lion's cut done by her vet clinic since she doesn't clean in sensitive areas that are hard for her mom to brush out when her coat is long. The cute thing is when she comes home, she struts around with a perky tail and doles out lots of purrs. She feels good and loves the attention she gets when she has a fresh cut! Otherwise, Dinah aspires to live life more like Garfield the cat, eating and sleeping while her sister does all the crazy things.