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Win-Win for POPs!

Pals of Pets Are Here!!!! (POPS)

Well, two of our most important, successful and significant organizations have combined efforts in a Win-Win Program called POPS…..Pals of Pets!

Yes, our own St Joe Bay High School and St Joe Bay Humane Society initiated a Pilot Program by teaming volunteer 7th Grade Science Students with the St Joe Bay Humane Society whereby members of POPs are undergoing training to become Junior Techs at our local animal shelter. All volunteer students, called POPS, have a passion for animals, especially for the needs of homeless animals who come to our county shelter with needs ranging from health issues to proper care and feeding, with all of the animals needing the emotional support of a human.

9 Students arrived at the SJB Humane Society along with their Sponsoring Teacher, Wendy Chafin and the High School Principal, Sissy Godwin, for their first Orientation and Training Session that was conducted by the Shelter Management Team, Kathie Graham, Heather Jones and Taylor Smith. The Managers emphasized the basics of interacting and showing respect when meeting dogs they don’t know and even allowed POPs to observe the administration of “chipping a puppy”, then locating that unique microchip finder in the pups neck. POPs also interacted with a litter of 10-week-old puppies who are not only looking for their forever homes, but fingers, clothes, ears and toys to play with.

Before long, POPs will be walking and handling several of our dogs, while bringing enrichment to the lives of both themselves as volunteers and our homeless dogs who crave human interaction.

GO POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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