The BEST kind of fail!

We love when a foster family decides to make their foster pet a permanent part of the pack! Our foster families may not have planned to adopt, but they just can't resist those puppy dog eyes.

While foster fails are nothing new at the shelter, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a surge of foster families stepping up to help pets in need. Through our campaign #StayHomeandFoster, almost our entire shelter has gone into foster care!

"We already see him as part of the family"

Rudolph (pictured above) had actually been adopted in December, but his family unfortunately had to return him to the shelter due to their child's medical condition. Rudolph, who was previously an extremely well-behaved dog, came back to us unruly and out of sorts. He seemed to be confused and heartbroken.

We had an amazing foster step up to take Rudolph in so he could wait for his forever family in a home. Unfortunately, Rudolph was not thriving in the environment and was constantly having accidents and exhibiting severe anxiety. Back to the shelter for Rudolph.

At only 8 months old, Rudolph had already changed hands at least 3 times, resulting in separation anxiety and behavioral issues. Luckily it was only a few weeks before Kelly reached out to us!

Kelly was ready to bring a pup into her home, but had to make sure the cat approved first! Rudolph had been around cats before so we hoped for a great match and got his "going home" bag ready!

The family cat quickly revolted and we weren't sure Rudolph would be able to stay. He also developed a horrible allergic reaction. Our heart was breaking for this sweet boy, but neither us nor Kelly was giving up so fast!

Fast forward a few weeks, and we receive a picture of Rudolph on all kids of adventures! Turns out he just needed the right, most patient family and all of his issues would disappear. There he was just chilling on the back of a kayak and even cuddled up with the cat!

Happy life sweet Rudy!

Tater Tot finds his people!

Tater Tot arrived at the shelter as a stray late last year, and was in horrible shape. We could immediately tell he had been attacked by dogs and rushed him to the vet. He was a perfect angel at the vet and even demanded to sit in the chair like a person waiting his turn.

His name was originally Claus at the shelter, but after a few weeks, his previous owner reached out, explaining his real name and his backstory. Tater Tot had been attacked out of the blue by the family's two other resident dogs. His owner had opened the gate so he could flee for his life. Luckily the damage only left a few scars, but did understandably result in him having a pretty severe fear of other dogs.

It is always so difficult to find a home for a pup with no other dogs, but even more so when they are a pitbull covered in scars. Tater Tot had been overlooked at the shelter for months, with out a single interest.

We did everything we could to make him look more friendly and loving! Tater Tot was actually one of the best behaved dogs at our shelter. He knew basic commands, was super calm and even housebroken! He was the only pup who would pose with our props during the Valentine's Day Photoshoot, but still no applications headed his way.

Luckily, a wonderful family reached out wanting to foster Tater Tot! The family quickly fell in love and only a few days went by before they made it official! Tater Tot is having a blast with his new family and loves to snug! He is working on his fear of dogs and making great progress!

Vacationing fosters make sure to pack Blue to go home with them!

A wonderful family reached out to SJBHS, saying they wanted to foster while they were on their annual vacation in Cape San Blas (pre-COVID folks!)

We were overwhelmed by their kindness and willingness to take on Blue while enjoying their time to relax. Blue was having an absolute blast with his foster family and loving playing with their two dogs.

Blue went from being a very nervous guy to a smiling happy pup! He had several meet and greets with potential adopters, but nothing ever panned out.

Finally the day came for the foster family to go back home. We were sad as we prepared Blue's kennel to come back to the shelter, still unadopted.

Luckily we were stopped right in our tracks! The family decided to make him a permanent part of the pack and took him home forever!

A terrified pup learns to trust and gets a forever family!

Luke came to the shelter as an owner surrender and was absolutely terrified. The owner claimed they were moving and not allowed to bring him with them. Luke is extremely fearful of men and we suspect his past may have not been the best.

We were slowly able to earn Luke's trust at the shelter through lots of love and patience. He still would growl at some of our staff members and curl himself into a tiny ball when we approached his kennel. When going out to potty and get exercise, he would only walk a few feet outside the kennel and then quickly dart back into the kennel.

Luke turned a corner when he went for a pack walk with Frank, another pup at our shelter! Luke immediately changed his entire demeanor and started playing. He confidently would follow Frank wherever he went and went for his first successful walk.

Luckily for Frank, but not so great for Luke, he was adopted the very next day. Luke seemed to revert back to being fearful unless he was very trusted staff members. We needed a foster home for this guy and fast if he was going to be adoptable!

An amazing foster family reached out and wanted to give it a try! Luke wasn't too sure at them on the first day, but by that night, he was curled up in his foster mom's lap. He was still wary of his new foster dad, but slowly coming around